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 What is M.A.C.

M.A.C. (My Accounts Consolidated) provides you the tools to help successfully manage and track your finances. You can create a budget, monitor expenses, and set goals. We'll also allow you to track your upcoming bills and incomes, and enable you to view all your accounts in one convenient location. M.A.C. (My Accounts Consolidated) can help you in tangible ways to improve your overall financial health.

How to Use M.A.C.


  1. Add accounts from other financial institutions. Your CCNCU accounts will automatically be added the first time you use M.A.C.
  2. When you add accounts, your transactions and balances will update accordingly.
  3. Your transactions will categorize themselves with “tags”. To personalize these categories, select the transaction and edit the tag.

MAC Desktop Dashboard

MAC Desktop Tagging

Spending Targets

  1. Navigate to the Budget tab to create Spending Targets and begin tracking spending by category.
  2. Click the “Add a new spending target” button and follow the prompts to begin tracking your spending by category. Popular categories to track are groceries, dining out, and household.

MAC Desktop Budget


  1. Navigate to the Cashflow tab to see your projected day-to-day cash flow.
  2. Add Incomes and Bills like your paycheck, rent, or utilities to more accurately forecast your cash flow.

MAC Desktop Cashflow


  1. Follow the prompts in the Goals tab to create one or more financial goals.
  2. Select from the available savings and payoff goal types to begin tracking your progress towards your financial aspirations.

MAC Desktop Goals



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